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The current pandemic is a prolonged, diffuse disaster with no geographical or chronological boundaries.  It is going to last for a long time and is causing significant emotional and physical stress for everyone.  We at SRT, Inc. are involved on a daily basis with supporting our state’s pandemic response, in particular, the work the OKMRC Stress Response Team is performing at the numerous PODs (Points of Dispensing).  To aid in this endeavor we have developed several Stress First Aid trainings.  One is specifically designed for all POD workers.  Go to our YouTube channel, SRT, Inc., and view the Stress First Aid Playlist.    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdnEJ87NX9SSmodFt1ynKFw   

What is Stress First Aid?  It is a framework to improve recovery from stress reactions, in oneself, in peers, and in citizens faced with crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress First Aid is based on research that says that people tend to do better in ongoing, stressful circumstances when they have one or more of five essential elements to counteract adversity. These elements are:
1. Being able to move toward a sense of safety
2. Being able to calm themselves
3. Feeling connected to others
4. Feeling that they will be able to get through with what they're having to confront
5. Having a sense of optimism, faith, or hope.

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In 2017-2018 SRT, Inc. obtained a grant to train rural community ‘caregivers’ to support the emotional and spiritual care of those impacted by back-to-back devastating wild fires. Dr. John Call and Mary G. Hughes identified very early on, rural folks don’t get their care from a mental health care provider but from the people in their community they trust the most: volunteer firefighters, veterinarians, ER nurses, pastors, seed and farm suppliers ... to name a few. They spent months traveling western Oklahoma, building the capacity of these community champions to serve their neighbors in a more holistic way.   View this brief video for more information--

Project Resilient Spirit
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As we have reported previously, in response to 2017 and 2018 historic northwestern Oklahoma wildfires, SRT, Inc. is providing local community leaders new skills to assist the emotional and spiritual recovery of their disaster affected communities. Through a specialized menu of trainings SRT, Inc. seek to enhance the ability of local stakeholders as they assist children, adolescents, adults, and families effectively cope with post-disaster stress and hardship.

Recently the New Yorker Magazine published an article about the 2017 NW Oklahoma wildfire.  It is quite informative. You can view it here
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