Please help us in our work of preparing for and providing behavioral health care in the acute aftermath of disasters. Feel free to make a donation in any amount. However, as guidance a contribution of $25 would help pay for medical supplies; $50 would help pay for a OKMRC SRT uniform work-shirt, $100 would pay for a set of two general service mobile radios, and $200 would help pay for a complete Comprehensive Medical Kit. Finally, $500 would pay for the development and training of an elementary or high school’s Peer Crisis Response Team. Remember that our licensed health and mental health care professionals are volunteers and provide their services for free during times of crisis. Help us help them do their work.

For your convenience, we offer two online options for donating to SRT, Inc.: Google Wallet. and PayPal.

Google Pay Send - You will need a Google Pay account to donate to SRT, Inc. via Google Pay Send. Just sign into your Google Pay account and email your donation to

PayPal - You don't need a PayPal account to donate to SRT, Inc. via PayPal.

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