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Recently the National Association of County & City Health Organizations awarded SRT, Inc. a grant to develop a training program designed to provide Medical Reserve Corps volunteers with the tools to cope with the effects and after-effects of trauma experienced due to the pandemic and help “reboot” and ready ourselves for future deployments.  This program is called Reboot & Providing CAARE.  This program is a self-administered process connected to a menu of skills and techniques designed to increase a person's self-efficacy for maintaining emotional and behavioral resilience and connection to family, friends, and community.  The complete program entails three hours of instruction.  This will be provided both in-person as well as virtually (via Zoon and YouTube.)  There has also been published an introductory booklet.  You can download the Reboot & Providing CAARE booklet here  Booklet

posted 2 years ago by jcallphdjd

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